Which Mechanical Keyboard Is Going To Be Right For An Individual

Which Mechanical Keyboard Is Going To Be Right For An Individual

What is a very natural question for all those who have decided to purchase a mechanical keyboard? It is the switch type that they would like to use. Switches are almost certainly amongst the key parts of a mechanical keyboard. Two mechanical keyboards of the same model that have diverse switch types could feel rather different. So, which switch type is the best? There is no definite answer to this question. It is dependent on the preferences of the user. Below, we will discuss the several types of switches for a mechanical keyboard and which switch type suits which user.

The Types Of Mechanical Keyboard Switches Available

Mechanical switches have various features and can be categorized into three types. They are tactile, linear, and clicky switches.

A tactile mechanical keyboard switch provides tactile feedback as soon as the actuation point is hit. As soon as a user presses the key down, he will feel a small bump. This feel indicates that his keypress got registered.

A linear switch is the simplest of three types of switches of a mechanical keyboard. This switch offers no tactile feedback when the actuation point is hit. So, users will mostly bottom out on a key press.

The Clicky switch for a mechanical keyboard is characterized by a click sound when the actuation point is hit.  Clicky and tactile switches have a main advantage for a user. He does not need to press them right down. He can let go of the key as soon as he gets the feedback.

The Type Of Mechanical Switch To Choose

There are several considerations for choosing a type of mechanical switch.

A key consideration is where the mechanical keyboard will be used? Will several people be present, or will the user be alone? The people present may or may not like the loud “click” sound of a Clicky switch.

Many users like this sound while typing. It gives them an indication of a key press. If a person is alone in the room, he can opt for this switch. If others are present, he must get their consent.

Typing feel is also a key consideration. People who like the feel of a trivial bump on every key press should get a tactile or clicky mechanical keyboard switch. Those who like it smooth should get a linear switch. A tactile or clicky switch is also good for people who wish to improve their typing accuracy.

Another essential consideration in switch selection is hand size. People with large hands are more prone to misclicks. Switches with high activation points or switches with mid to heavy operating force will suit them. Switches with mid to high activation points and switches with medium operating force suit accurate and light typists, respectively. Tactile and clicky switches also suit light typists. Speed switches are ideal for people with small to medium hands who do light typing but occasionally bottom out.

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