Microsoft releases Windows 10X dual-screen emulator

Microsoft releases Windows 10X dual-screen emulator

Microsoft releases Windows 10X dual-screen emulator

The surface Duo and Neo Microsoft showed off at its event last fall was a surprise to everyone. It was a glimpse of a beautiful dual-screen future for technology. Microsoft showed off Windows 10X, a special version of Windows 10 made for dual-screen devices.

Microsoft has now released a Windows 10X emulator to allow anyone jump into the world of dual-screen Windows 10X apps. The release came shortly after Microsoft released an SDK for the Android-based Surface Duo.

The software was announced today at Microsoft’s Developer Day conference with a session dedicated to dual-screen experiences, which will dive into all of the potential benefits of having a second screen.

Microsoft describes Windows 10X as an “expression” of Windows 10, which is a very careful language that’s meant to keep it apart from the full capabilities of its desktop OS. The OS brings a new concept of app restrictions, letting every Windows 10X app run in a container to keep it separated from the core OS. This approach is meant to help with security and performance.

The software maker is also proposing new Javascript and CSS functions to let web apps work across two screens. They also plan to add their own development work to the open-source Chromium project.

Microsoft is paying keen attention to Windows 10X, getting developers interested and providing the tools they need to create apps for these systems. This is the only way the Surface Duo and Neo can kick-off.

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