What Is There To The Works Of Art Of A Man Who Calls Them Neocrotalico

What Is There To The Works Of Art Of A Man Who Calls Them Neocrotalico

There is a man who is primarily a plastic researcher. However, he goes beyond pictorial exploration. A look at his work and people will sense of depiction of the present social circumstances. He draws inspiration for doing purposeful art from some contemporary Mexican painters. What is the sort of purposeful art that he strives for? His art is fashioned out of the social baggage of the world and addresses some grave concerns of globalization. How enormous are his projects, and what all do they involve? That is what we will discuss below. These are interpretations of excerpts of the man himself of an earlier time when his work was surfacing.

What Is The Interest Of Javier In Plastics?

His name is Javier Lopez Pastrana. What his interest in plastic research? Before going into that, it’s worth noting that he manipulates acrylic, loads, oil. There is more! These manipulations have made advances in the realm of the three-dimensional. His interest in plastic research is for doing pictorial. However, plastic is a medium that he uses to give reality to his visions.

What Do His Works Portray?

A look at his works and the textures in them and people will sense the delicate use of Oaxacan paint. The works are an exploration of the Mayan civilization and different pre-Columbian cultures. More specifically, the geometric structures of their ceramics, architecture, textiles, and the like and their relation to nature.

Apparent in his works is the compositional structure of the patterns present on the skin of a number of Mexican snakes. A closer look at his works and wow, what do we see! We get to see the universal use of this compositional structure in the visuals by the use of plastics. This is the reason that he gives his paintings and his use of plastics in his paintings, the name “Neocrotálico.”

The geometry of the Mexican snakes and their use in visuals is not the only metaphysical implication of the works of Javier Lopez Pastrana. There is more. They portray the interdependence between human development and biodiversity due to Global Change. They depict how different cultures enact interdependence differently. These metaphysical implications reinforce the use of plastics in his works. A very recent work of his addresses the connection of migration and security and how it has turned into a major international concern. Recent incidents involving violence

What Would Be An Excellent Summarization Of His Works?

So, what would be the right way to summarize his works? One this can be said with certainty. It is that they offer a lot more than the meticulous use of shape, color, and texture. They have several and related content. It is imperative that people recognize them. Only then are they going to appreciate the richness of the works of this plastic researcher.

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